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Trial fitting Wide door version: Class 3


RISC Limited is the supplier of Emergency Door Barriers for trains. These are used in breakdown and emergency situations to allow traincrew to open the bodyside doors for vehicle ventilation purposes. Fitting these temporary barriers provides a deterrent against exit and a safety aid for passengers who are nearby while allowing fresh air to enter the vehicles. 

The Emergency Door Barrier packs are now provided with a 'Nominated Person' kit, which includes a whistle and an NP armband and an NP briefing sheet that explains the role of the Nominated Person.

Train Door Barriers have been supplied to Train Operators, Train Builders, and Train Maintainers, and we have supplied for trains from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan.



What are they?

Train Door Barriers are a protection system that attaches across train doorways to provide a visual warning to passengers and deter their exit.
After fitting, it is then possible to open the train door and allow fresh air to ventilate naturally. 
Permission is normally required from the Infrastructure Controller - who would confirm that no train movements will be made along the side where train doors will be opened.

Multi-fit version_ 376, 465 on 376


In the case of train breakdown, where there is a risk of the air-conditioning stopping and the loss of fresh-air ventilation - for example due to loss of overhead power supply or loss of electrical power form diesel engines - there is a a chance that internal air temperatures and humidity become intolerable, or CO2 carbon dioxide levels rise to unacceptable levels, if fresh air cannot be brought into the vehicle.

On older train types, passengers have been able to open windows by themselves to get ventilation. But on modern trains, with no openable windows, the only source of fresh air if the ventilation system fails is through the doorway - if this is opened without a barrier fitted, there is a risk of passengers falling or exiting the train to track level.


Experience with the Train Door Protection Barrier has shown that passengers and staff move freely past the open door, comfortable that the "open door" hazard is protected, thus allowing useof toilets or provision of water or other essential throughout the train. 
Furthermore, staff appointed as door minders (Nominated Persons) are provided with an armband and instructions, and have a lower exposure to the open door danger, and have an appropriate level of protection.

Training Set_ includes 1 of each compone


Wide Door Version_ 700, 707, 717
Single door version - IEP


These barriers fit to the internal grab-handles on either side of the doorway.  The method of fitting depends on the size of the doorway grabhandles.

Current versions fit

  • using three straps and side-release buckles only for the Desiro City Class 700 series

  • using two straps and buckles and with a self-adhesive strip that fastens to the floor. 

  • some older versions fit using spring-loaded rods. ​


These barriers normally fit to the internal grabhandles on both sides of the doorway. 

Current versions use a self-adhesive strip to secure the foot of the barrier to the floor.

Some older versions use spring-loaded rods to support the bottom or the top and bottom of the barrier (e.g. Mk4 coach).

Training Set_ includes 1 of each compone
Maintenance version: 376, 465



Training kits are available for the Train Door Barriers.  These contain a sample of the door barrier including self-adhesive strip etc.

They are useful to Operators so that the on-train packs do not need to be opened or damaged, while providing hands-on experience with fitting the barriers. 

In addition to the barrier itself, Operators are using the 'Nominated Persons pack', which includes a whistle, a Nominated Person (NP) armband, and a set of NP instructions.  

This equips the person who is designated to help at the doorway with relevant tools.


We have developed a robust version with heavy duty straps and fastenings for a Train Operator who required an alternative to metal bars and frames across the doorway. 

This version is intended as a fall-prevention system that can be quickly assembled to the doorway, and quickly removed.  It is easily portable and weighs approximately 1kg - and this allows several to be carried into the train and fitted at the same time.

The size of the protection barrier can be defined by the Operator to meet his needs. The example shown was developed for use on a range of train types and is a compromise to suit them all.

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Trial fitting Wide door version_ Class 3


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